On our site the charge-free dispatch conducts. On February 1, 2006 for dispatch more than 12 000 subscribers. In dispatch the problems of policy and tactics of the game in букмекерских offices are esteemed, the charge-free forecasts for miscellaneous kinds(views) of sports and non-risk forks are given. For the beginning be simplly signed on our charge-free electronic course. The form(shape) of a subscription is on the right on this page and other pages of a site. After a subscription, during 7 days, daily on yours E-mail will come under 1 letter, where sequentially, step by step, the initial problems - will be esteemed how to put, how much to put, what is it in general such...:-)) We think, as the experimental enough players, will find in this course much интерестного. will find in this course much                        In Russian In English
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Paid dispatch

Present - a resort on Haiti, warmly, sea, beach........
On Sand the man, Accepts of sunburn lays. He for a long time already here, and so for a long time  , that everyone consider(count) as his(its) local inhabitant. Only of time per day he interrupts the rest, rises to itself in number(room) Hotel quantity(amount) of asterisks in which and to not count, gets Noutbook, is connected to the Internet and about one hour   works. After that, in   the following 23 hours, he again can be betraid to rest on a beach,   in restaurant, on the personal yacht...   who he - banker, speculator, gangster? No he good, though and at money - he the player. He does(makes) the rates in bookmakers offices through the Internet.
Well how prospect? Is tempting? And that even and hour to not spend for job and to raise(increase) probability of a prize is offered to use our paid subscription.

On this page you will find:

Than the paid dispatch from free-of-charge differs

Time of an output(exit) of paid dispatches

Free-of-charge bonus to paid dispatch

Ways of a subscription on paid dispatch

Time of a beginning and termination(ending) of paid dispatch


If you вс ё have read but you had questions - write to us from page "Contacts"

In paid dispatch the forecasts for each day (not less than one per day) and plug are given in process of detection - тоесть of the forecasts and plugs here much more than in free-of-charge dispatch " Let's to win in букмекерских offices. ". The forecasts are given by the people having long-term experience of game in букмекерских offices on events which, in opinion of the authors, should come true from the maximal share of probability. For this purpose the generalized statistics 3 paid dispatches, long-term experience of the rates in букмекерских offices is used, and also   of the item of information from various sources about " contractual matches ", i.e. matches which outcome is predetermined ещ ё prior to the beginning a match.

The dispatch paid   of a subscription is carried out daily till 10 hours 00 mines on events of the current day which are given in lines БК "Марафон", but as a rule - for one day before event. Sometimes forecasts are given in one dispatch at once on some days forward (for 2-3 days, accordingly per days on which the forecast dispatch is already given can to not leave). Quantity(amount) of the forecasts - not less than one for each day. The plugs are dispatched in process of detection.

All forecasts of paid dispatch   are given on lines bookmaker of offices:

БК "Марафон" - "Marahfon"

  Our paid dispatch of the sports forecasts

The name of dispatch and duration Quantity(amount) of days   of an output(exit) of dispatch   Average quantity(amount) of the forecasts for term of an output(exit) of dispatch Average quantity(amount) of plugs (on results of the last dispatches) The price
Elit "Basic", 31 days.
The Large set of the player in bookmakers to office " is given bonus №1 "
31 150
( Not less than 100 forecasts for 31 days)
100 30$


All subscribed on   we paid elit dispatch "Basic" free-of-charge is given   bonus №1 " by(with) the Large set for the player in bookmakers to office " in which enter:

1. The book   in electronic variant " How to win in букмекерских offices - a complete rate ", Sergeev P.l., release of 2006, more in detail about the book you can learn(find out) at the end of this page. Demo of the book can to the address
The book in Russian

http://www.tstbet.com/demo/demo.exe Selective fragments of the book here 

The book - grant(manual) on game in bookmaker to office

2. The book   in electronic variant " Pierluigi kolina - my rules of game " To familiarize with the contents it is possible

The book in Russian

3. The program for account of the rates (plugs, factors, systems) - её  use букмекеры.
4. Program for account of plugs (File Exсel).
5. Skript of a tote on PHP
6. Clause under the theory of the rates in bookmakers offices:
1. As historically there were rates on sports events.
2. About what hold back unfair   kapper
3. bookmakers office from within
4. Open a line
5. How to earn 100 dollars for 2 days on lotto
6. How correctly to put on baseball
7. System of a uncle of a Bean  
8. System S8
9. System of the rates on the exact bill of football matches
10. System rate and financial strategy
11. Advice(councils)   of the experts in the rates in bookmakers offices
12. Movement of lines in different kinds of sports
13. Not football and basketball...
14. Strategy of the player in bookmakers to office
15. Management of money in the rates

All The book in Russian

Detailed   statistics   of paid dispatch on   http://www.superprognozru.com/statis.php

In paid subscribe the forecasts and plugs, without a theoretical material are dispatched   only. The theoretical material is considered(examined) in ours   free-of-charge   to dispatch.


To subscribe for our paid dispatch it is necessary to translate 30 $ by any way, known for you, to our essential elements for payment.
Then, it is necessary to send to us the message, from page of our site "Contacts", about that that the payment is made and necessarily to inform how and when Translation money

The most widespread way of translation:

Payment   practically by all electronic money existing in the Internet through exchange item ROBOXchange

Is accepted payment from:

USD e-gold ,   RUR Yandex   , UAH imoney   ,

INO 100 GIFT  CARD   , RUR INOCard  , MoneyMail RUR   ,

USD RuPau   , InterBill RUR   , MoneyMail USD   ,

MoneyMail EUR
, WMR  ,  WMZ , WME ,



Go on page  https://www.roboxchange.com/Client/Index.p , Put a tick opposite(on the contrary)  "Exchange one kind of "electronic money" to another " Also pay in any electronic currency 30 $ on ours Web Moneu (WMZ) the bill

After end of an exchange you should send to us the message, from page "Contacts", about that that the payment is made and to specify when and in operation how much will be accomplished (is written in the table on last page of exchange item after an exchange)
For example: " an Exchange 301.01 RUR Yandex on 300 WMR. The operation is accomplished: January 27, 2006 17:17 on Greenwich (GMT) "
The dispatch will be carried out on E-mail specified in your letter.

Time of a beginning and termination(ending) of paid dispatch

For a subscription to paid dispatch it is not necessary to wait for the end of month, the dispatch is carried out since any day. The dispatch begins to be sent on your address after receipt of means on our bill. While translating of means on WebMoney, electronic money or   entering of means is direct in item of reception of the rates   букмекерской of office "Марафон" on ours to the bill they occur during 1-2 hours, at bank translation - in 5-7 days.
If your translation is enlisted on our bill and your letter on E-mail about translation is received by us till 10 hours 00 minutes - dispatch is carried out since this day, if after 10.00 - from the following. The termination(ending) of dispatch   - in 31 days
We work from 8.00 - 20.00 (Time Moscow).
By target(day off) - Sunday.

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